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I have set up my blog site and it is starting to take shape. However, I have added a new account using level five and when we login we get the following message: Since you're a newcomer, you'll have to wait for an admin to authorize you to post. You can… more »

Aug 23, 2006 17:05  
Now let's all go and drink to it :D :roll: spose i'll write something memorable... (re-reads what personman wrote to get ideas) Well yeh like any commitment, had it's good and it's bads. I've learnt soo much from the experience, who would believe that a… more »

Aug 17, 2006 22:16  
I'm running my Site with B2evo since 2 years, now on release 0.9.x. Since 2 (?) weeks, i've got Problems with Firefox. All the sql-things are'Nt done SOMETIMES... I don't know, wether it's a bug in Firefox or in my hacked skins or… more »

Aug 14, 2006 17:35  
I'm asking myself once again, what is the point of doing any unpaid program development? In 2-3 years all I have to show is lots of unfinished projects. And for the b2evolution projects, it just seems that i cannot keep up anymore. I started lightality,… more »

Jul 24, 2006 00:41  
Given a text file with 10 strings that could be anything, why is there not a simple way to count how many times each string occurs??? Ive read every php site on the net, looked at every string related function. Nothing nada nilch, everything I have read… more »

Jul 03, 2006 20:53  
Thanks to the multi-talented [url=]whoo[/url] helping me in [url=]this thread[/url], I've started playing with image creation in PHP again... Some samples:… more »

Jul 02, 2006 14:24  
My online forums are visited by suspicious hosts quite regularly and some nasty visitors were trying to get in by the highlight exploit. I have read about the mod_secure and .htaccess solutions in this forum and just wanted to add a new idea of… more »

Aug 02, 2006 18:00  
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