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My b2evolution Version: Not Entered When I try to post an entryhere or there - in the plugins and extensions forum, for example, I get this: Sorry, but only users granted special access can post topics in this forum. I have logged out, etc, but it… More »

Jul 12, 2010 01:46  
3.3.3: My blog homepage currently ends with the /index.php, is there any way to make it so the index.php does not appear? I attempted to change the url settings and whenever i clicked on my posts i got a The requested URL was not found error page. More »

Jul 14, 2010 00:18  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered {blogurl}?paged=[insert-non-existing-page-number] is not returning a 404 where i think it should.Instead it goes to the last page available. Is this supposed to be 'feature' or a bug ?! If this is considered a… More »

Dec 06, 2010 03:39  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered Okay, after reuploading and downloading everything multiple times I finally got my blog to show up. The problem? All the posts, comments, categories, setting and customs skins I made are missing. I made sure… More »

Jul 22, 2010 11:16  
My b2evolution Version: 3.3.3 This is odd. Two problems: Suddenly I have to log in every time I want to perform any sort of action. Everything I do seems to log myself out. Also, when I'm editing a post and press preview , it says "sorry there is… More »

Jul 09, 2010 10:41  

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