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Hey guys i'm extremely new to how a blog works and php, and i don't really know how to search what i'm looking for. I'm looking for a way to display a summary(title &thumbnail) of the last post from each catagory in a sidebar on the main page of my… More »

Aug 04, 2006 05:06  
I while back, I had to turn off comments, except for registered users. While this cut-out the comment spam, it also cut out most people wanting to make a casual comment. After all, who wants to register for yet another website. I had heard from a friend… More »

Sep 25, 2006 00:26  
In the template _main.php I'd like to make make reference to the last part of the permalink. The permalink is in the template as $Item->permalink() this yields Codehttp://mydomain/index.php/year/mo/dd/underbarredtitle e.g.… More »

Jun 30, 2006 02:40  
My provider took my site offline because I got to many google requests. About 25000 a day. He blames my site to be too popular.. I know this is the world upside down, but do I have to take the same measures as someone has to take if he gets slashdotted ? More »

Jul 02, 2006 14:28  

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