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I saw in another post, that to migrate from one server to another, just download your old blog folder, install b2evolution on the new server, and drop the old folder over the new one. Well... I did that and it gives me an error relating to the mysql. I… More »

Mar 08, 2005 01:14  
I'm trying to add a custom tag button into the b2evo edit window (the admins area where you write your blogs into). There's a bunch of them from <em> to <link> but I wish to add a bold tag. Is this possible and if so, which of the files do I… More »

Mar 05, 2005 23:50  
Hey guys, I've made a website for a local band but I have decided to update it. I was rather hoping that it could all be powered by b2evo. Currently the news is powered by b2, then there is an "about page" which features info on each band member. The… More »

Mar 05, 2005 23:16  
Hello - some newbie questions: 1)is there a way to add a whole bunch of categories at once? I'm trying to implement GTD and i'd like to add categories for each of my projects, etc...and I'm wondering if there's a way to just populate the category list… More »

Mar 05, 2005 19:06  
I've read all of the past strings about trying to import blogger posts and none of those "magical tricks" happen to work. I've installed b2, b2evo, wordpress, etc, etc, and used every possible import/export script ---I've even tried the moveable type… More »

Mar 15, 2008 19:17  
I thought that I had shared this before, but if I did it was lost in the exploit that hit the forum a cpl months ago. Basically this is just a toy that graphs the times of the day you blog, it's more or less eye-candy, but i liked it when I saw it. It… More »

Mar 03, 2005 22:29  
I Installed b2evolution (with fantastico) on my new site When I want to go to Administration: "go to backoffice", login form appears. But what username and pass. should I use? One which I use in this forum? It doesn't work. It… More »

Mar 05, 2005 04:45  
I've been working lately to find an audio and video embedding solution that is XHTML-valid, streams, *inexpensive* and compatible with b2evo. I have them. Yay! :D The necessary <object> tags and attributes have been added to the formatting.php… More »

Jan 23, 2006 17:31  
In this thread I followed instructions to only let reg. users post comments. However I feel there is a sec. hole in the Blog because I am still being spammed by a "guest"user. He uses different proxy's… More »

Mar 06, 2005 13:45  

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