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So I added a new blog to my b2Evolution however the menu bar doesn't show its there to anonymous users unless I manually tell the browser to go there. Is there some step to perform after adding the blog for it to be automatically available? Main site:… More »

Dec 25, 2019 23:42  
Hi all, After spending years using WordPress, wanted to find something else. So currently trying out b2evo. After doing my install I have a few questions, which I haven't been able to find answers for: How do I put custom text on the 'Home' screen? I'm… More »

Dec 17, 2019 23:17  
After waiting 24 hours for answer, and 30 days for the last answer I decided to pay for "Pro Support". I have tried all 2 "Contact us" links and get "No recipient specified!" Is there an amateur I can hire? More »

Dec 13, 2019 19:07  
So I installed b2evolution 6.11.4-stable and download the business blog skin 7.3.5 It says it works with V6 which it has before but no I get a message saying it's unsupported. Is there a skin that works with 6.11.4 and does a grid/masonary layout? More »

Dec 13, 2019 18:34  
I have to recover blog posts from files in my hosting server. I had about a 1000 posts. WHere do i look for it in the filesystem. My website is not working. which subdirectory under public_html can i look for my categories and blog posts More »

Dec 12, 2019 13:43  
I am slowly building a multi-part blog at Comments would be appreciated. At the moment it is lacking content but you can see where it is going. The look and feel are mostly done. I am (baby brother) building it for my Elder… More »

Dec 11, 2019 03:33  
Hi Re the widgets Simple post list and Comment List. The Simple post list has many options to select from Whilst the Comment list only has direction Would like the same options for Comments as Posts to show a comment has been updated etc. Thanks More »

Dec 01, 2019 10:02  
XML-RPC Failed This API doesn't work properly on this server. Error: Didn't receive 200 OK from remote server. (HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized) What does xmlrpc.php do? I expected this to not fail. This error appears… More »

Nov 22, 2019 17:26  
Hi, I'm new here, you can call me Jin, at the moment I'm work hard for start a blog with b2evolution isn't ready for show it to the world, but when it's ready I share it in my profile. see you next time! More »

Nov 15, 2019 15:30  
Hi I was looking at the code on as I was checking the code for the buttons as mentioned in There are a number of warnings and errors which you can see at… More »

Dec 01, 2019 21:27  
I have started a new website with b2e. Haven't tried this system before but become more and more impressed. The site is mostly about online security and how to protect yourself from various dangers that can threaten your privacy. All files we post are… More »

Nov 05, 2019 16:55  
A minor Annoyance. I love how you have the inline tag to add images. What I DONT like is when you hover over an image a Magnifying glass shows up and blurs the image out. How can I make the image so you CAN NOT click on it? Its redunant to have a… More »

Nov 01, 2019 13:11  

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