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@fplanque - The record no doubt is filled with my reports. This morning I re-created an install using the automatic install methods on blue host. the only change made to the default install was the password. admin debug6113 Using this login will allow… more »

Oct 22, 2019 14:23  
I am curious as to why websites do NOT put B2E in there Best CMS or Top list CMS sites? I have messed with the top 10's and have fallen back to B2E It does what it says it will. I was able to figure out how to do a post within a minute or two. I can… more »

Oct 22, 2019 00:31  
Hi Folks, Would somebody please tell me what hash is used to hash passwords in the DB? I need to see if I can replicate it directly in the DB as the site I installed yesterday is now refusing to recognise my login either as the new admin name or the… more »

Oct 22, 2019 00:26  
I set the site and the collections to HTTPS. Its working great as when I load them in the browser, they say its secure. But I notice that when I am in the backend it goes to unsecure mode. Is there a setting for this or am I missing something? more »

Sep 29, 2019 10:05  
I'm using b2evo 6.11.3 and have put the widget on the home page When the page loads for an unregistered person, the widget appears and with the following errors (see screenshot). I had… more »

Sep 25, 2019 17:41  

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