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My b2evolution Version: Not Entered I have a problem on my database. Please see this picture and tell me if you know this problem :'( Please mail to me sarundorn[at]hotmail[dot, you know "."]com Please… More »

Apr 26, 2008 20:10  
Spent all day yesterday getting this site up and working. I was using Wordpress. I like the looks and options of b2evolution much better than Wordpress. To me it looks more professional. I'm just using a skin that came with the setup. I haven't done… More »

Apr 28, 2009 01:51  
I have read carefully rules and used search funct5ion here and I believe that all postsers start with first post. But I really need reciomendations for web hosting. Well which companies can you recommend for b2evolution designed web sites and pages? On… More »

May 23, 2008 10:14  

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