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Hello, My project is to implement a free blogs service open to anyone with instants subscription features. What are the parameters which limit the number of subscribers inside b2evoltuion running on one server? Limitations of hard disk space, MySql, PHP… More »

Dec 30, 2004 18:05  
I got a little problem. I decided to change a site from dcp-portal with some few users, just about 1100. I wrote a little script to copy all users from dcp-portals userlist to b2evo then I found out that it is realy hard to go trough the user-list to… More »

Dec 21, 2004 03:20  
WordyPost links posts that have the most words. Why? Because I can. In your skins/skinname/_main.php add Code<?php require( dirname(__FILE__).'/_wordypost.php' ); // POSTS BY WORDCOUNT INCLUDED HERE ?>Wrap it in a div if your skin… More »

Dec 17, 2004 00:31  
My apologies if this turns up as a double post. I think my first one was deleted because of the forum problem over the weekend. :-( I recently setup b2evolution and have locked down the blog comments to registered users only (thanks to this forum). I… More »

Dec 15, 2004 23:00  
Has any comes up with some different multiblogs layout besides the standard template that comes with the install. Are there any other multiblogs.php files out there for use with different styles to choose from? More »

Sep 25, 2004 05:06  
Simple to do to a table in html... adding another column, but I really don't get this php stuff. looking through my main.php - I figured it had something to do with the <?php or possibly the <div id =***> but experimenting has led to less than… More »

Sep 23, 2004 23:57  
On my site the font on the sidebar is really light... I figure that I have to change the color somewhere in the style.css - but I am not sure quite where - I am using the wpc_default skin. Any Help?? More »

Sep 22, 2004 23:32  
I'm new to b2evo and and trying to get my blog set up like it was with wordpress. here is how I want it to look: I tried editing the information and have been working on it for the past three hours and have been… More »

Sep 21, 2004 23:22  
When I tried the "Lost password " to sned a email, I got the message "The email could not be sent. Possible reason: your host may have disabled the mail() function..." But I can send emails with outlook. So I'm confuesed with the problem. Could you tell… More »

Sep 20, 2004 14:36  
OK, I've experienced this problem before with Greymatter, but it's popped up again with the "Clean" skin in b2evolution. In Internet Explorer, the permalinks on my blog force the sidebar to the bottom of the page for some reason (even in a maximized… More »

Sep 17, 2004 18:43  
I am not really sure how to install my blog into my webpage....the manuel is little difficult for a deaf person to understand...i would appreciate ur time and support in telling me what to can see where i have gone wrong… More »

Sep 18, 2004 07:30  
I have installed the latest version of b2evo with sucess. Due to the setup of my website, I need to access the blogs and admin from within an IFRAME contained within a page. i.e. Note: jdisplay.htm has an IFRAME with… More »

Sep 13, 2004 22:57  
hey guys, thanks in advance for any help, i just installed b2evo and when i try to display the page its just blank. I've tried chmoding everything from 777, checked the faq to double check premissions, ect. Is there osmething i need to tell my hosting… More »

Sep 17, 2004 23:43  

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