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In case I am logged in and want to reply to a comment, the page reloads and jumps to the comment form - that's ok. In case I am not logged in, like anonymous users, the page reloads, but does not jump to the comment form. It jumps to the beginning of… more »

Oct 25, 2018 21:01  
Hi, I'm running 6.10.2-stable. I have 2 users set up: admin and my personal one. I do my admin through Firefox. At the moment I'm having trouble logging out with my personal account. I have been able to login with admin and log out, then login with… more »

Oct 08, 2018 00:34  
Trying to moderate and change a comments status (Review to Members) from 'collections' / 'comments' / 'full text view' results in a BAD REQUEST error. Status does not change. Using the Button! One has to Edit the comment to change the status. I found… more »

Oct 05, 2018 13:20  
Can you confirm that this vulnerability was fixed? # Exploit Title: Remote File Upload Vulnerability in b2evolution 6.8.8 # Google Dork: no # Date: 14-03-2017 # Exploit… more »

Sep 12, 2018 18:58  

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