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Is there a reason that TinyMCE is available only for initial post but not for the comments? I am trying to reconfigure the forum functionality to look like and behave like a modern forum, but I really struggle. In the configuration of TinyMCE plugin iI… more »

Oct 01, 2018 12:45  
Hi Gone now, but I'm sure v6.9.7 had an Edit link on the menu. v6.10.1 has two links as in image. In single post they both offer edit The first [Page] offers [Edit contents] The second [Post] offers [Edit in back office] They are the same Why is there… more »

Sep 30, 2018 03:04  
Hello all! Can anyone share actual config for Nginx for b2evolution? I wrote this but I can't write a rule for global.php (wrapper for images?) My current config: server { listen 80; server_name tt ; gzip on; gzip_disable… more »

Sep 24, 2018 02:36  
Actually I would like to publish my content at B2Evo and then have it copied in various groups and accounts of social media that I run. Today in time of German censorship by the Merkel Administration I cannot waste my time in clipboard my texts to… more »

Sep 17, 2018 10:10  

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