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A bit of a !!! query. I have an ancient resellers account with who have no intention of providing such a service again so I have legacy support and will not get php updates etc. So, unless and until I move hosts, I would like to… More »

Jan 02, 2019 01:12  
Hello, I want to know if there are any page builders for b2evolution. I mean something like Elementor or Divi or WPBacker Visual Composer for WordPress, but for b2evolution. I am planning on doing b2evolution work for clients, and want to know if such a… More »

Dec 21, 2018 02:28  
So I decided to test the messages Function and when I go to read the message, I get this. Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /plugins/_inlines.plugin.php on line 168 The bottom I get this Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in… More »

Dec 04, 2018 01:08  
Hi Not version specific as it's happen for as long as I can remember. Using Simple Zen skin The problem is that when I click on a number in the paginated list for comments I get posts page with the comment added but I have to scroll to get to the… More »

Jan 09, 2018 19:28  
So when I typed in that I switched to B2Evolution I noticed that it automatically linked to your website. I thought Cool! I want that and read up on it. It says to go to /plugins/autolinks_plugin Change definitions.default.txt to definitions.local.txt… More »

Nov 29, 2018 23:42  
OK last question as I have most of this figured out. The learning curve isn't to bad :-) I noticed at the end of every post that there are 2 (TWO) comment blocks to add comments in, this is a little over redundant. How can I shut one of them off? More »

Nov 27, 2018 00:31  
So I have a question about the "toggle" graphic UI used in sections like the "Widget" tag of a collection, and the "Plugins" tab of a site. From what I can tell, it's backwards and inconsistent. Example: I first went to the… More »

Nov 26, 2018 22:33  
OK, I got all the ins and outs. I found all the backend stuff I needed to change, Made collections, populated them, etc. So I kicked up my production site with a fresh install and every thing was going smoothly until I edited my User Profile. When I… More »

Nov 26, 2018 17:48  
I receive an error when I go to install new skins. See attached screen shot. I also noticed the the pureforums_skin folder is empty when the 6.10.4 archive is extracted. Am I missing something and how to fix this. I am unable to install new skins. More »

Nov 24, 2018 22:17  

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