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Hello! I'm having a problem with b2evo. Why is that in the admin page, when I click on "Templates" this message appears: Warning: is_file(): Stat failed for /home/wwwakem/public_html/abeautifullife/skins/custom/. (errno=13 - Permission denied) in… more »

Jul 16, 2004 14:43  
hi again I have moved up a step since last and am fully enjoying this blog engine. When I link - go to blogs- from admin area I end up on a nonexisting page. The URL in the adress line without / - but if I add that slash to the end of the url - I am… more »

Jul 15, 2004 17:10  
Hi, i would like to customize a little the Calendar, but it's not easy since most part is hard coded. - First, b2e Calendar has both month and years switch, this is great. the trouble is that the switching links are not next to month and year text, they… more »

Aug 08, 2004 03:28  
hi there being a total newbie I am sure this is trivial - however the same error comes up every time so please have patience with me... After installing -using the guide- I try to move to the pages but admin wont come up it actually tells me it cant… more »

Jul 14, 2004 19:15  
Okay well my blog is done now and I've been trying really hard to move it to the root directory. After much trouble, I've finally got it displaying, but now I'm getting an error I can't figure out. In my _main.php there is a line of code that looks like… more »

Jul 12, 2004 21:05  
I'm interested in the mailinglist hack: Is it possible to make it work for B2evolution 0.9?? Unfortunatley I'm not a programmer so I don't know how to adjust it to work with… more »

Sep 05, 2004 05:01  
I'm going absolutely crazy here. I've read through all the pertinent posts and FAQs, have installed B2E multiple times (on different hosts and different versions) but can't figure this one out. I have B2E installed on a subdomain. My host uses Cpanel.… more »

Sep 18, 2004 05:40  
Could someone point me to something telling me how to do this? I would think that this would be a major feature of any blog. I want to just include the last 5 blogs on my home page in simple text format much like an RSS feed. I've looked at some other… more »

Jul 09, 2004 17:12  
Hey guys, I was going to move to 9.0.9 but noticed the bug report. So i'm going to give this preview version a shot. Question came up: Installation notes suggest deleting ALL files including skins for an upgrade from a previous version of B2E. Is this… more »

Jul 12, 2004 16:07  

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