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To start and get this out of the way: I have SSL working on the front-end of my site. I did notice I had to select "Always use https" since otherwise even if a user explicitly used http:// the browser would give an icon showing that some parts… more »

Jan 14, 2019 03:06  
A bit of a !!! query. I have an ancient resellers account with who have no intention of providing such a service again so I have legacy support and will not get php updates etc. So, unless and until I move hosts, I would like to… more »

Jan 02, 2019 01:12  
Hello, I want to know if there are any page builders for b2evolution. I mean something like Elementor or Divi or WPBacker Visual Composer for WordPress, but for b2evolution. I am planning on doing b2evolution work for clients, and want to know if such a… more »

Dec 21, 2018 02:28  

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