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Hi all. is up and running. Time will tell if it works or not eh? Anyway I figured I'd show it off here and see what y'all think. It's the 'freeflight' skin tweaked up to the 1.6 generation, and a wee bit of changes besides. One… More »

Jan 08, 2006 20:16  
I just install the b2evolution 1.6-Alpha and is working fine no bugs and I like it better then my old one 0.9.1 ! thank you for the great blog. Now I have a problem my blog is part of my gambling site, No not one of those spamming sites I don’t spam… More »

Jan 07, 2006 02:31  
Just thought I'd share that my upgrade of from Dawn to Phoenix went very smoothly. I converted my skin to the new requirements without much difficulty (thanks to EdB's tutorial at I… More »

Aug 23, 2006 04:55  
I got bored of the plain look for my blog, so I decided to get a tad more graphical. If you're on a dial-up then I'm afraid it's going to take a while to download as I haven't optomised the images yet ...... at least it'll give you time to go get a beer… More »

Sep 17, 2005 12:31  
Thanks for all your hard work! My wife and I have our blogs up at: (mine - english) and (my wifes - mostly Japanese, some English) We modified the simple… More »

Aug 23, 2005 03:41  
[url=][/url] - I borrowed heavily from [url=][/url] for this design. I added a random photo block, recent comments, a 'currently reading' sideblog and I wrapped the style… More »

Mar 11, 2005 00:48  
Hello All, Let me start by telling you all how much I have been liking b2evolution engine since I had a look at it 2 days back. I did a blog engine comparision and had my initial stop at WordPress (Seeing that many people whom I knew were using it). The… More »

Feb 07, 2005 02:38  
I've heard its ugly, and I've heard it's good. I'm using the Ality Skin, which I've modified a little bit. When I get my gallery , a random picture from it will display in the upper right box. More »

Jan 18, 2005 19:47  
Howdy all, I put up a couple of new blogs over the weekend. One is for my sister, the other for my parents. Both of them picked up b2evo with next to no lessons from me. While our system may not appear to be as polished as some of the other blog-tools,… More »

Jun 02, 2004 15:15  
Howdy all, Been awhile since I've posted something in the forums here... Thought I would post my latest [url=]blog[/url] to see what everybody thinks. The URL is It's a personal site, with… More »

May 14, 2004 05:56  
if you have some free time . . . Please post here if you notice anything wrong or odd about the layout, i'm still finding all the little quirks that need fixing. Thanks! More »

Feb 12, 2004 06:41  
hi all. I've had it up for long enough to get my first referer spam so I reckon it ought to get a formal howdydo out there. If my profile doesn't have my site linked my blog is at and hopefully the default skin is hangglide. Oh… More »

Jan 24, 2004 14:46  
Howdy all, Here's a unique use of b2evolution, or at least I think it's unique. I have a news website for my local city in which I post links and excerpts of stories concerning our area. I had developed a custom database back-end for it but stopped… More »

Oct 11, 2003 21:20  

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