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Hello there! After a lot of years using my B2evo it was time fof an UPDATE for ! i have acces to the backend! The front was destroyed by my anterior hosting trying to build Permanent Redirections! Who can help me? Hear propoisals… More »

Mar 31, 2019 13:23  
Downloaded 6.11.0 having read the Fresh installs will show examples of Recipes built with a custom Item Type, custom fields & custom display template As I have been vegan for 45 years it's a bit of affront to get images of cooked beef in my face,… More »

Mar 28, 2019 19:38  
We had a pretty nasty DB corruption on this server which lead to a total crash + during restore, we discovered that the 2 latest backups were also corrupted. After 7 hours of trial and failures, we had no choice but to restore a backup that is 2 days… More »

Mar 25, 2019 13:57  
Been using B2Evolution for a number of years - gone through a number of updates - and today, for the first time in a while I added a new collection and was going through aligning the settings with my other collections. When I came to edit the widgets I… More »

Mar 01, 2018 08:24  
Is there any way to just turn the forum off? Better yet uninstall it? I don't need it and don't particularly want it taking up space. I just installed b2evolution about 3 hours ago and so far I've done good to figure out how to edit the primary post on… More »

Mar 05, 2019 23:16  
Hello, I am using B2E version 6.10.2-stable released on 20.06.2018 on PHP version 5.6 but now my service provider tell us to need all go to PHP 7. X I try all versions of 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and I get a smallest number of errors on 7.2Can you please tell me… More »

Feb 28, 2019 18:18  
Hello, I tried to search several terms, like: Theresa "Carl Schmitt" But the results refer to a search without having used quotation marks. It seems that no operator (eg Boolean) works for search. This way I get an endless list of resutls,… More »

Feb 28, 2019 10:20  
Autolinks; it's a plugin but an included plugin. I saw that the word b2evo was automatically being made into a link and searched the b2evo manual for "Autolinks", guessing for the term, but got no results. Back Office help links lead to… More »

Feb 21, 2019 02:26  
Lack of documentation and scattered, outdated or incomplete documentation has gotten the best of me as well as clicking man page links in the back office and getting 404. That and having a query answered with a query is ..... The number of bugs, typos… More »

Feb 19, 2019 15:51  

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