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Hi valued members, I am looking for ways to mass import/create posts into my 6.11.5 b2evolution setup They are from some other exotic cms that I have to give up on. Basically I will create a cvs, tsv or xml file from my database with values like this… More »

Apr 30, 2020 02:17  
Hello everyone! Since I made changes to my hosting server, I have received error messages in the system log. This message is as follows: A redirection to an external URL was blocked for security reasons. My server… More »

Apr 17, 2020 02:20  
When you start a Support thread, there is a blue box that asks you for all of this: If you are requesting support, please follow these guidelines in order to get a more effective response: Start by providing a complete screenshot of the problem (Do NOT… More »

Jan 19, 2020 01:46  
Hello, I am coping with a strange rendering problem. After editing a Blogpost and adding an image in WYSIWYG mode using TinyMCE and saving the post it happens, that images are dupllicated and Images appear again as thumbnails. So there is a time… More »

Apr 10, 2020 04:04  
Doing a page for our local Churches were people can find there sermons on line. I did the page and the video plugin did it's job, but I didn't want it to do that. Is there a way to add a link to youtube, Facebooks, Instagram, etc and not have the video… More »

Mar 28, 2020 04:02  
This issue was present in earlier versions, so not a v6 issue When I try to delete a category I am told it can't be done due to the fact it has content, so I laboriously remove the content. However if I want to delete a whole collection there is no such… More »

Feb 24, 2020 10:31  
i have a situation that i wonder if groups can be part/member of another group, which might be called 'umbrella' group ... want say that all users asigned to relevant groups would be asigned to this umbrella group? in the specific case none of the users… More »

Feb 06, 2020 16:52  
My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x maybe i'm missing something or don't know what to look for, but... is there a way to make my blog the main page of my site? to wit: when someone types they will see the blog instead of having to type… More »

May 05, 2008 00:17  

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