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Hello, my base_url - the folder /blogs/ has an index.php calling gets the skin of and an 404 Page may be because is defined as standard collection. But in… More »

Oct 29, 2019 12:13  
V 6.7.4 Can't find a way to empty system log and no luck using www or blog search. Is there a way without going to database? Am I missing the obvious? Thanks UPDATE On this subject, ease of cleaning db: I would find it useful to be able to empty… More »

Oct 28, 2019 00:07  
@fplanque I created a new (test) installation of b2evo 6.11.3 specifically to deal with the following problems. This installation is on my production server but is not the production domain. This mimics the same behavior on the production site. This… More »

Oct 27, 2019 23:37  
@fplanque - The record no doubt is filled with my reports. This morning I re-created an install using the automatic install methods on blue host. the only change made to the default install was the password. admin debug6113 Using this login will allow… More »

Oct 22, 2019 14:23  
I am curious as to why websites do NOT put B2E in there Best CMS or Top list CMS sites? I have messed with the top 10's and have fallen back to B2E It does what it says it will. I was able to figure out how to do a post within a minute or two. I can… More »

Oct 22, 2019 00:31  
Hi Folks, Would somebody please tell me what hash is used to hash passwords in the DB? I need to see if I can replicate it directly in the DB as the site I installed yesterday is now refusing to recognise my login either as the new admin name or the… More »

Oct 22, 2019 00:26  
I set the site and the collections to HTTPS. Its working great as when I load them in the browser, they say its secure. But I notice that when I am in the backend it goes to unsecure mode. Is there a setting for this or am I missing something? More »

Sep 29, 2019 10:05  
I'm using b2evo 6.11.3 and have put the widget on the home page When the page loads for an unregistered person, the widget appears and with the following errors (see screenshot). I had… More »

Sep 25, 2019 17:41  

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