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Is there a way to use polls for anonymous users, too? I know, that it is difficult to take care of a single vote by user. But in alignement with IP adresses a misuse could be reduced. Public polls are marketing means, too ;-) Regards, Will More »

Apr 08, 2019 16:47  
Hi, I’m a new user and I ran into a problem. I installed b2svolution without the sample pages. I created a home/front page and everything looks good. I then noticed that the “This Site” button on the navigation bar also points to the home page… More »

Apr 01, 2019 00:30  
Hello there! After a lot of years using my B2evo it was time fof an UPDATE for ! i have acces to the backend! The front was destroyed by my anterior hosting trying to build Permanent Redirections! Who can help me? Hear propoisals… More »

Mar 31, 2019 13:23  
Downloaded 6.11.0 having read the Fresh installs will show examples of Recipes built with a custom Item Type, custom fields & custom display template As I have been vegan for 45 years it's a bit of affront to get images of cooked beef in my face,… More »

Mar 28, 2019 19:38  
We had a pretty nasty DB corruption on this server which lead to a total crash + during restore, we discovered that the 2 latest backups were also corrupted. After 7 hours of trial and failures, we had no choice but to restore a backup that is 2 days… More »

Mar 25, 2019 13:57  
Been using B2Evolution for a number of years - gone through a number of updates - and today, for the first time in a while I added a new collection and was going through aligning the settings with my other collections. When I came to edit the widgets I… More »

Mar 01, 2018 08:24  
Is there any way to just turn the forum off? Better yet uninstall it? I don't need it and don't particularly want it taking up space. I just installed b2evolution about 3 hours ago and so far I've done good to figure out how to edit the primary post on… More »

Mar 05, 2019 23:16  

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