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My b2evolution Version: Not Entered I have upgraded my blog from 2.4.7 to 3.3.1 and tried to use the new Sidebar links post type. I am able to save the post and it is stored in the database. But it not visible in the admin panel after that and also it's… More »

Aug 21, 2009 08:23  
My b2evolution Version: 3.3.1 I have two problems installing b2evolution. I followed the installation procedure written here: When i execute the install script it will create the tables and after that it… More »

Aug 11, 2009 11:15  
Update : I moved this topic, since I discoverd it's not a bug, just a very anoying feature I downloaded 3.3.1 and was playing with the intro-posts When trying the intro-tag, it's not giving the desired outcome : it's not showing the intropost. I can not… More »

Sep 25, 2009 00:38  
I am installing b2evo for the first time. I am pulling my hair out, because: a) I am getting a loop situation that states "You must log in" b) I login (jbm/*******) -real password hidden c) I get the message Either you have not enabled cookies… More »

Aug 14, 2009 01:45  
My b2evolution Version: 2.x Trying to do a new install on Go Daddy - version 2.4.7, MySql version 5. After uploading all B2evolution files & creating a blank database, when I go to to begin the installation… More »

Aug 07, 2009 23:49  
My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x I saw this link listed on the main recent blogs: and it looks like a really nice site -- then I viewed the source to check the b2evo version (don't know why) and saw that it… More »

Aug 15, 2009 18:10  
My b2evolution Version: Not Entered I posted the below as a request for a widget, but I'm sure some of you do it without a widget, and I'm open to new ideas --- A number of modern ad providers use remote scripts and flash(i.e. "<SCRIPT… More »

Aug 07, 2009 18:14  

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